• „Grain yield  (every year)
  • Test Weight (every year)
  • „Milling and baking quality  (every year)
  • „Winter hardiness   (when possible)
  • „Height  (every year)
  • „Standability  (when lodging occurs)
  • „Maturity   (every year)
  • „Disease resistance (every year)
    • „Fusarium Head Blight/scab (field nursery with inoculation and misting )
    • „Barley yellow dwarf virus  (disease nursery)
    • Septoria/Stagnospora leaf blight and glume blotch (when possible)
    • „Leaf, stripe, and stem rust   (when rust is present)
    • Soil borne mosaic virus   (separate disease nursery)
  • Evaluations in Organic Systems


Research Importance

Research Objectives

Impacts of Research

Traits Evaluated